City Services

  1. Amusement Devices Application

    View the ordinance and application in regards to amusement devices.

  2. Animal Licensing

    View how to license your beloved pet in Edwardsville.

  3. Burn Permit

    Edwardsville residents may obtain a burning permit free of charge from the Fire Department.

  4. Building Permit

    Learn how to obtain a building permit online.

  5. Citizen Comment Form

    Citizens are welcome to submit their comments, concerns and compliments through this form.

  6. City Trash / Sewer Services

    The City of Edwardsville, through Deffenbaugh, provides trash pickup for residential users.

  1. Department of Public Safety

    The Police, Fire, and EMS departments make up the Department of Public Safety in Edwardsville.

  2. Electrical / Mechanical / Plumbing Permit

    Find out about permits for electrical, mechanical, and plumbing.

  3. Excavate / Right-of-Way Permit Application

    Follow the instruction found online in order to obtain your excavation or right-of-way permit.

  4. Public Transportation

    The Tiblow Transit Public Transportation Service provides transportation within the City Limits of Bonner Springs and surrounding areas.

  5. Utility Billing

    Save time and pay online! The City of Edwardsville now offers its residents the ability to pay their utility bill online. It's secure, easy, and convenient.