Burn Permit

Obtaining a Permit

Edwardsville residents may obtain a burning permit free of charge by creating an account and completing the online application on the Community Connection Portal. Applying for a burn permit is not the same as the permit being issued and applicants should wait until getting confirmation from the Edwardsville Fire Department before starting burn activities. Open burning is permitted any day of the week except during conditions that create hazards (such as high winds or dry conditions) or when a burning ban has been issued by the Kansas State Fire Marshals Office, Wyandotte County, or the City of Edwardsville. Recent changes to the burning ordinance make it unlawful to burn trash or other man-made materials by any method, either open or in a burning barrel.

Any burning operation in the City of Edwardsville requires the possession of a valid burning permit.

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Permit Responsibilities

Applicant hereby understands that there must be some method of extinguishment on hand and that a competent person must be in constant attendance of the burning operation until all fire has been extinguished. Applicant also understands that he / she is responsible for any loss or damage that may occur from this burning operation. In the event that the fire grows out of control, applicant should immediately dial 911

Valid Permit Hours

In accordance with city ordinances, the burning permit is only valid between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. and all fire must be extinguished by 7 p.m.. The applicant understands that if the fire department has to respond to the burning operation due to it being left unattended, for burning after hours, or for burning unapproved materials: a citation, loss of burning privileges, or both may be issued.

Burning Restrictions

Burning is restricted to natural vegetation: citizens may only burn weeds, trees, stumps, and other natural vegetation. This excludes junk, lumber, and all man-made materials. The burning of entire fields, vacant lots, or bonfires is prohibited without special permission from the fire department.

There is no burning is to be conducted during adverse or windy weather conditions.