The City of Edwardsville is located in southwest Wyandotte County, just north of the Kansas River and just south of the Kansas Speedway. With a population of about 4,500 folks, Edwardsville offers a small-town feel with close proximity to metropolitan amenities and attractions. Edwardsville was first surveyed in 1869 and was located on land owned by Delaware Indian Chief Half Moon.  Our most famous resident was Junius  Groves, a freed slave known as the Potato of the World in the early 20th Century due to the fact that his western Wyandotte County farm produced more bushels of potatoes per acre than any of his international competitors. The city was officially incorporated in 1915. With an active Parks & Recreation Department and highly-regarded public safety employees, the City of Edwardsville is a great town to raise a family. We're happy you've visited us and encourage you to reach out to Edwardsville City Hall at 913-356-6000 if you have any questions!

  1. river front park icon

    In 2021, the Edwardsville City Council approved a partnership with Stantec Consulting Services to assist with the redevelopment of River Front Park. This park is located at the south end of 9th Street and sits directly north of the Kansas River. The area includes a portion of the City's trail system as well as a boat dock. The Cemetery, Parks, and Public Spaces(CPPS) Board (a citizen advisory board made up of Edwardsville residents), is serving as the project team working with Stantec to reimagine how this area can be redeveloped in an appropriate way to highlight Edwardsville's history and activate the River as a local amenity. In late 2021, Stantec has been working with the CPPS Board to refine the concepts behind the area's redevelopment, including improving fishing access, highlighting local vegetation and flowers, and expanding views to the River. Public comments will be solicited via a community engagement event as these concepts are finalized. Cost estimates and phasing strategies will be developed as the initial portion of the project concludes in early-to-mid 2022. After that, the project will move on to consideration at the City Council level for implementation strategies. To view CPPS agenda packets, visit the City's online agenda center by clicking HERE.