Sign Regulations & Permits

In May 2013, the City Council adopted the City of Edwardsville Sign Regulations (PDF). These regulations are intended to provide minimum standards for the number, size, type and illumination of signs in Edwardsville by Zoning District, as well as the quality of materials, construction, installation, and maintenance of such signs. Furthermore, the regulations address:

  • Exemptions to the regulations
  • General requirements
  • Master sign plans
  • Nonconforming signs
  • Off-premise signs / billboards
  • Permitted signs
  • Prohibited signs and attention attracting devices
  • Removal of signs

Sign Requirements

Signs in Edwardsville must be permitted prior to installation. The permitting process and permitting fees are outlined in the sign regulations.You may apply for a sign permit by completing and submitting the Sign Permit Application Form (PDF) with the necessary supplemental materials and application fee.

If you have specific questions regarding the sign regulations or applying for a sign permit please contact City Hall at 913-441-3707.