Amusement Devices Application


Ordinance 901

Adopted February 14, 2011

Sec. 4.051 Definition Amusement device. Any machine or device which is coin-operated or otherwise available for hire, which machine or device permits a person or operator to use the device as a game or contest of skill, whether or not registering a score. It shall include, but not be limited to, such devices as electronic or mechanical game machines, pool tables, foosball tables, air hockey tables, "pong" games, mechanical rides for children, electronic video games, shooting gallery type games, pinball machines, skill ball, bowling machines, or any other mechanical or electronic games or operations similar thereto. This definition does not include merchandise vending machines or coin-operated phonographs, televisions or other devices which are not designed for manipulation by the person operating the device. (2005 Code, sec. 5-301) Sec. 4.05.041 Required; number of devices No person shall within the city limits display for public patronage or keep for operation any coin-operated amusement device without first obtaining a license from the city. No more than 1 machine or device shall be operated under 1 license, and a separate license shall be obtained for each and every machine or device displayed or operated.